Barrage of Instagram Posts from Manhattan Women’s March Successfully Convert Red States into Blue States.

NEW YORK – Millions of registered voters who cast their ballots for now-President Trump and congressional Republicans across rural America expressed complete reversals in their political ideologies over the weekend, turning dozens of reliably-Republican state voter-blocs into reliably-Democratic ones.  The sudden shift was a direct result of the Women’s March held in Manhattan and the many Instagram posts to emerge from it.

Protestors rallies around the nation in Women’s Marches, with Manhattan drawing the largest throng of 200,000 attendees.

“We want the president to know that we here in New York will not tolerate his hateful ideology and damaging policies,” said a protestor, Louise Beck. She then posted her sign, labeled “Who run the world? Girls!” to Instagram.

“We’re getting way more New Yorkers to care about politics, and all of these New Yorkers will have a message for Trump in 2020!” said Beck, with friends around her cheering her on. “You will lose New York by an even larger meaningless margin!”

The effects of her Instagram post, with its hashtags “#womensmarch” and “#resist,” and the hundreds of thousands of similar posts that followed it were, electorally speaking, more widespread.

In fifteen of the thirty states won by President Trump in the 2016 election, his approval rating dropped from an average of about 50% to just single digits, and Democrats took a major generic ballot leads over Republicans for 2018 Congressional races.

As #MyBody hashtags from New York, Boston, and San Francisco trickled onto the phone and computer screens in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Mississippi and Alabama, Evangelical voters across the Bible Belt expressed support, en masse, for Roe V. Wade, the landmark 1973 court decision protecting elective abortion rights for women.

“I have prayed to end abortion every day of my life,” said Patty McPherson, a 2016 Trump-voter in Glifford, Mississippi. “But then I saw the hashtag “#resist” trending on Facebook, with some really nice Valencia-filtered photos of 5th Avenue in New York City, and that convinced me to be a Democrat again.”

Brian Tanning, a former coal miner in Blacksville, West Virginia, who has worked at a Bennigan’s since losing his mining job eight years ago, had similar sentiments.

“Initially I was just mad about all these illegals, about them coming into my country and taking our jobs. But then I saw lots of Instagram photos of liberal New Yorkers and Californians, and I began to realize how much I actually want to see Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi running Congress again.”

Ms. Beck finished her protesting, then went to Town Stages Studio in Manhattan with some friends to meditate and reflect on all she’d achieved.

“It felt so good to do all we had to do to win our future back,” she said, taking a meditation selfie and posting it to Instagram, securing Montana’s electoral votes for the Democrat in 2020. “Because if our progressive ideas triumph here in New York City, they can triumph anywhere!”

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