Democrats Disguising Guns as Undocumented Immigrants

LOS ANGELES – Democrats in California spent most of Monday disguising various firearms as undocumented immigrants.

Hopeful of getting Republicans to finally approve some forms of reasonable gun control measures at the federal level, Democrats are trying innovative methods to reach across the aisle.  They believe it is the only way to convince Republicans that guns may be a threat to the country.

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“Kill 10,000 people, they want you everywhere and anywhere, totally unregulated,” said California’s Democratic Senator, Kamala Harris, about guns. “But cross the border illegally and they’ll build a wall just to keep out your friends.”

The guns were placed in human clothing and given various accessories, then placed under trees in several Californian cities. Republicans who witnessed the firearms in disguise were reportedly very concerned about their potential threat to Americans.

“That over there! That needs to be regulated and removed from society!” said Republican Congressman Steve King, from Iowa’s 4th district, as Republican activists approached the weapons and began to remove the disguises.

“It’s like that Skittles thing.  If one out of 100 are dangerous, we shouldn’t take the risk, and we should crack down on not restricting the gun rights of law-abiding citizens because no law can prevent all tragedies and bad people don’t follow the law,” said Mr. King, eyes widening as the disguises were removed.

Mr. King then left the area, and Democratic activists re-dressed the guns. While waiting for more Republicans to arrive, Mrs. Harris had to shoo away Representative Barbara Lee, the Democrat from California’s 13th district, who was trying to hand over money and driver’s licenses to the firearms.

Eric Cartman contributed to this report.  He can be reached at [email protected]

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